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In the daily research activities that we perform in our laboratory, we employ diverse research pieces of equipment some of which is unique in Canada. This page contains some of our most utilized infrastructure:


UAVs: 4      Underwater vehicles: 2      UGVs: 5      Humanoid Robots: 3

Humanoid Robots:
  • Thormang 3.0: life-size humanoid robot (from ROBOTIS) with a total of 28 DOF

  • NAO: small size humanoid robot (from Aldebaran Robotics) with a total of 18 DOF.

  • Life-size (5.5 feet tall) 3D printed humanoid robot: Under development.  

TAIKO Humanoid Robot.jpg
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:
  • Yamaha L15 RMAX Type IIG: an autonomous helicopter with redundant autopilot.

  • Navig8: Highly maneuverable tiltrotor ducted fan UAV with pitch-hover capabilities.

  • Benzine Trainer: gas powered Trainer helicopter from Vario modified as a UAV.

  • DJI Quadcopter: Equipped with VPR.

  • Convergence: Transitional (VTOL + fixed-wing) aircraft.

  • PiccoloPlus autopilot: for UAVs from Cloud Cap Tech.

  • Fixed-wing Tango UAV: complete with a vision system, GPS etc.

  • Indoor VTOL Quadrotor: an aerial vehicle with an onboard manipulator.

  • An F22 Raptor UAV: with autopilot powered by batteries & solar cells.

  • Two autopilots from Micropilot: (1 for fixed wing + 1 for Helicopters).

  • An MX-450 small RC helicopter: from Heli-Max for flying training purposes.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles:
Arctic Rover.jpg
Seekur_Sr robot.jpg
  • An insect-like hexapod: mobile robot (with a total of 18 DOF)

  • 1 omnidirectional UGV: mobile platform with Transwheels

  • An all-terrain tracked hybrid robot (under development)

  • Diverse robot wheels: Omniwheels, all-terrain rubber wheels, etc.

  • A GAIA-2 rugged UGV: indoor/outdoor autonomous mobile robot.

  • A vision-based navigation system for GAIA-2

  • A kids size ATV: Modified for autonomous operation at high-speeds

  • Seekur Sr.: Omni-directional (synchronous drive) mobile robot

Robot arms + related equipment:
  • Two small 5 DOF robotic arms mounted on the RATLERs' robots

  • A harmonic 5 DOF arm,

  • A CRS Plus electric 6DOF Robot arm.

  • A reconfigurable self-adaptive under-actuated robot hand.

  • A 2-finger robot hand for in-hand manipulation.

Underwater and surface vehicles:
  • Video Ray: Underwater Sub.

  • A highly maneuverable UUV: Under development.

  • A Kingfisher: autonomous surface vehicle from Clearpath Robotics.​

Other equipment (e.g., sensors, etc):
  • A Cyborg evo joystick: with auto-calibration features

  • Artificial Skin: for robot-human interaction research.

  • Velodyne Lidar sensors.

  • Bluetooth wireless communication devices 

  • One multi-channel Bluetooth wireless communication device

  • CMUcam2 CCD video cameras

  • Eyecam 2.4GHz color wireless video camera & articulated mount

  • Diverse DC motors, brushless motors, and Servomotors.

  • Motor controllers

  • Diverse sensor packages: GPS system module, encoders, micro gyros, sonars, cameras, etc.

  • Diverse microcontrollers and their development boards.

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